I can't do fast fashion I have to take it slow.  So while the rest of the world is speeding up I'm going at my own steady pacce. Fabric has to be imagined, woven, knitted then cut, printed, stitched, embroidered, dyed, painted, coloured in.  I produce in small lots and mainly sell directly.  I work to seasons and run design, art, production projects inbetween.  See somthing you want to own here send me an eMail.  Most products can be produced to order.
MATES - Spring Summer 2017
I wanted to make clothes which my mates would wear, fit and look great and be a bit individual.  So I created a new line of heritage selvage jeans, polo shirts with hand embroidery
and horn buttons and a host of different tee's.  Influences for the designs are core product design ideas blended with a bit of 80's nu wave and casuals.
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Founded in 2001